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As an independent company, we are committed to the following principles and build our corporate structure upon them:

  1. We are a customer-oriented company. We live by virtue of our clients. The goal of BauCon and AIS is to fulfill the expectations of our clients to the greatest possible extent while observing the applicable legal and economic framework conditions as well as the ecological and social requirements of our shared world.
  2. Our employees are our company’s greatest asset. We want satisfied and motivated employees who take pride in both their performance and their company. This can only happen in a climate of openness, trust and collaboration among colleagues, while keeping communication as free and easy as possible. The main duty of the executive staff is to ensure this by motivating employees and demonstrating model behavior as well as supporting employee development.
  3. We are innovative, we constantly improve what we already have, recognize new needs and adapt our products and services quickly to these needs.
  4. We profess a commitment to fairness in business and to a partnership-based conduct toward our clients and all business partners
  5. We have to make a profit that ensures the long-term growth of our company, thus securing the jobs of our employees